About us

Who we are

Unique Hub Systems is a Limited Liability Company that began operations in 2010.

The company is legalized by the Companies Act 173 of 1963 section 27 and 28 under Ghana’s Register General Department.

Our company’s vision is to provide infrastructural growth through the use of Innovative Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems across Ghana and the African Continent.

Our Core Values which are Innovation, Safety, Reliability and Respect for individuals has championed our successful development over the past nine  years of operations.

Expert Team

Our team is equipped with expertise and experience ranging from software to hardware versatility tailored to meet all requirements for servicing, repair, installation, solutions as well as recommendations and best practices.

This enables productivity and organizational turnaround of all Customer assigned projects.

We incorporate continuous improvement of staff expertise through training and knowledge management systems.


At Unique Hub Systems Limited, our passion is helping customers solve business issues through effective use of technology.

We have serviced a diverse portfolio of clients of which includes Large Organizations, Small and Medium scale Enterprises, Individuals and Groups and have received recommendable client feedback and referrals.

We also specialize in assisting small, medium and large companies gain a competitive advantage over the market by being more efficient, productive and reliable through ICT system solutions. We believe ICT efficiency greatly improves daily operations, overall productivity and further advancement of business.

Another unique selling proposition of our business is the direct and legal affiliations we have with manufacturers of the various ICT equipment we sell and service. International best ICT manufactures such as HP, DELL, APC by Schneider, MICROSOFT, LENOVO, VERTIV by Liebert, XIOAMI, IBM, CISCO just to mention a few are directly interfaced by our company.

This provides us the unique position to meet all your ICT needs, with speed, efficiency, reliability and quality at the best of prices to give you that competitive edge in serving your customers. We are well sourced in all IT products.